DropSpot F.A.Q.

What is a DropSpot?

DropSpots are trusted neighborhood businesses and stores who have agreed to accept delivery of UPS, Fedex, USPS and all other carrier’s packages and store them on your behalf.

Why use DropSpot?

Never see a missed delivery sticker again. No more chasing packages around the city. Know your package is safe, rather than risk it getting stolen or ruined by inclement weather. Get your packages delivered nearby on the very first delivery attempt, eliminating your frustration and minimizing the emissions that the delivery vehicles spew into the air.

Where do I get the DropSpot app?

You can download the free app from Apple or Google Play.

How does DropSpot work?

Download the DropSpot APP to your smartphone, and sign up for our service. When you need a package shipped to you, choose a convenient DropSpot location from the APP, and provide that address to the shipping merchant, including your unique DropSpot number the APP assigns to you. We will take care of the rest, and alert you when your package arrives at your chosen DropSpot. When you arrive at the DropSpot location, you can securely collect your package using the 1-click feature built into the APP.

What is DropSpot, the company?

DropSpot is a shipping logistics company that is customizing the last-mile of package delivery. DropSpot enables shoppers to have their packages shipped to a “drop spot” close to their home or work, then pick the package up when it is convenient for them.

Can I use DropSpot for package returns?


Are there package size restrictions?

Most normal sized packages under 45 lbs. and 75 linear inches are acceptable. However, view your DropSpot ’s service description to see if they accept oversized packages (over 45 lbs. or over 75 linear inches). And of course, DropSpot cannot receive or deliver hazardous or illegal goods.

Should I leave a tip?

DropSpots are paid for their service, so tipping is not required, nor expected.

Will it take longer to get my packages?

No. Your packages will be available for pick-up the same day they arrive at your chosen DropSpot location.

Why hasn’t my package shown up in the app?

The packages get logged once a DropSpot receives it, and checks it into the system. Try refreshing the app and if it is still not showing up, please send an email to help@dropspotusa.com, so we can look into it ASAP.

Where can I use the DropSpot service?

DropSpot is currently available in Chicago, Denver, and San Francisco. Our plan is to expand to additional cities around the US very soon. Want us in your town? Let us know where we should go next and recommend local businesses for us to reach out to.

Are my packages safe?

Your packages are shipped directly to your neighborhood DropSpot, so will remain secure until you arrive for pickup.

What if my package requires a signature?

No problem. DropSpot personnel are authorized to sign for the package.

Can I send wine and other alcohol?

Yes, you can have wine and other alcohol orders shipped to a DropSpot, when and where allowed by Federal, State and Local laws for that location, and as long as the DropSpot agent signing for it is 21 years of age or older.

Can I track packages using the DropSpot app?

Not yet. Currently we do not provide for the tracking packages function in the app. But this is in the works, so stay tuned. You can still track the package on the carrier tracking webpage.

Will the DropSpot notify me when the carrier arrives with my package?

Yes. When your package is dropped off by the carrier and checked in, you will receive a notification message from DropSpot.

What if I can’t pickup right away?

No worries! You can pick up during normal business hours, at your convenience.

What if I am traveling, will DropSpot hold my packages?


Is my DropSpot address a residential or commercial address?

Your DropSpot address is a commercial business address.

Where can I get more information?

Contact us at info@DropSpot.com. We’re here to help, and always happy to answer questions.


10700 E. Bethany Drive, Suite 200 Denver, CO 80014