A better way to receive packages

Have your packages shipped to a nearby business for easy pickup.

No more missed deliveries. No more stolen packages.

DropSpot lets you take control of your package delivery.


  • Pick up your packages where and when you want with many locations open early, late and on weekends
  • No missed or stolen deliveries (or long waits at the UPS store!)
  • Delivery alerts sent straight to your phone
  • A great way to support local businesses


Are there package size restrictions?

Most normal sized packages under 45lbs and 75 linear inches are acceptable, about the size of a suitcase you can carry onto a plane. However, check your DropSpot’s service description to see if they accept oversize packages.

Are my packages safe?

Yes! Your packages are shipped directly to your neighborhood DropSpot, and will remain secure until you arrive for pickup.

Can I track packages using the DropSpot app?

Not yet, but this is in the works, so stay tuned. You can still track packages on the carrier tracking webpage.

Will my packages be insured?

Every package is insured as soon as it arrives at your DropSpot.

Are there additional fees to use DropSpot?

The DropSpot app is free. You pay $1 per package for the first two days after delivery and $0.50 for every day thereafter.

Can I use DropSpot for deliveries from Amazon?

You better believe it. DropSpot works with Amazon, UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, and every courier or postal service worldwide.

Join the dropspot movement.


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